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Climate-Shield products do not provide any Bulk Insulation. Climate-Shield is widely used to protect bulk insulation from moisture, UV, and Solar Heat Gain.


The US Department of Energy recommends the use of Cool Roofs to Save Energy on Cooling Loads. To have a better understanding of Solar Reflectance Index, please visit the website of Cool Roof Rating Council.


Climate-Shield Story

SPM Thermo-Shield INC., USA, has been manufacturing °Cool Coats since 1984. Based out of Tampa, Florida, Climate-Shield products are available across the world. Our story has been one of Durability and Reliability. The dome in Al Rahba in Abu Dhabi, UAE, is a testament of the Quality and Efficiency of Climate-Shield. First coated in 1998, it was re-coated after 23 years. For more than two decades, Climate-Shield Coat withstood the scorching desert sun, condensation at night, and the raging sand-storms - protecting the building 24x7 from UV, Moisture and Abrasion. 


°Cool Roof
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Why is Climate-Shield the Right Choice?

Protective Coating Systems

Climate-Shield protects from exposure to Ultra-Violet Rays, Moisture, and Heat Build Up on exposed surfaces. Climate-Shield helps extend the life and efficiency of bulk insulation installations.


Whether it is a sloped roof or flat, Corrugated Metal Roof or Flat Concrete Roof, Climate-Shield Waterproofing Systems when installed properly provides 100% protection against leaks.

Save Energy on Cooling Loads

Climate-Shield Roof Coat has a Solar Reflectance Index of 110/99, making it a premier °Cool Roof Coat. By reducing the Solar Heat Gain on Roofs, Climate-Shield helps Save Energy on Cooling Loads.

Insulation & R-Value

It is absolutely important for commercial and residential buildings to comply with local building codes on R-Value targets.  Two Coats of no paint can be a replacement for bulk insulation.


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